Single: No Hate

Released: September 21, 2010

The single “No Hate” is a pro-love, pro-freedom, anti-Prop. 8, anti-hate song.  It was the first single to be released in advance of Gabe’s 2010 Album “Shine Like The Sun”

Shine Like the Sun

Released: July 19, 2011

"Shine Like the Sun," Gabe's sophomore album features the dance-rock songs "Boomerang," “Saboteur” and “Hand Over Hand” as well as “Shine Like the Sun” – a lush ballad with an upright piano, strings and an intimate vocal – one of the album’s highlights.  Production tricks abound but only add to the well-crafted songs.  Two singles, “Boomerang” and “Boomerang-Ultra Velvet Remix”,  preceded the Album’s release.


1. Saboteur

2. Boomerang

3. Shine Like the Sun

4. Unsaid

5. Ol’ Man DJ

6. Masquerade

7. Hand over Hand

  1. 8.No Hate

  2. 9.If You Could Stop Time

  3. 10. The One to Lose

  4. 11. Into the Sun

This is About You

Released: January 6, 2006

This Album was Gabe’s formal introduction to the mass-market.  His first international release, “This is About You” produced several chart topping singles and brought Gabe’s music to all new audiences around the world!


1. One Day

2. Sunday Summertime

3. Red Queen

4. Make Me a Star

5. Remedy

6. Mercury

7. Push & Pull

  1. 8.Far Too Deep

  2. 9.Ain’t No One

  3. 10. Crave

  4. 11.Viva! Viva! Nina!

  5. 12. Hazy Days

  6. 13. `Til You Believe

  7. 14. Never

  8. 15. Automatic

  9. 16. It’s True

  10. 17. Everything’s Gonna Be Fine

Bonus Track

EP: Hot Pink Remix

Released: February 9, 2010

The EP features a remix by Varsity Fanclub's David Lei Brandt as well as "The Ultra Velvet Remix" featuring additional mixing by Luca Mancini, who is no stranger to PINK as the grandson of the great Henry Mancini - composer of "The Pink Panther Theme." 


  1. 1.Hot Pink (Single Version)

  2. 2.Hot Pink (Ultra Velvet Remix)

  3. 3.Hot Pink (David Lei Brandt Remix)

Single: Hot Pink

Released: December 7, 2009

“Hot Pink” is a dance-rock song - perfect for the dance floor or for the drive.  Come to the party - stay for the disco.  And may the Hot Pink be with you.

It’s Obvious, It’s Obvious

Release: June 9, 2014


1. Butch Cassidy

  1. 2.Cuz U Like Boys

  2. 3.Where Our Love Belongs

  3. 4.Violet Valentine

  4. 5.I Believe in You & Me

  5. 6.Hush Your Mind

  6. 7.Heart of Stars

  7. 8.Red Light

  8. 9.Kommen out of a Daze

  9. 10.Goodbye to You







Single: California Blues

Release: August 15, 2015

New single "California Blues" (featuring Belinda Carlisle) is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and digital stores everywhere.