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New music from Game Lopez is available for pre-order! Gabe’s new album "It's Obvious It's Obvious" is $5.99 pre-sale until the June 9 release, BUT with that you get three immediate song downloads - "Butch Cassidy," "Hush Your Mind," and "Red Light." Check out the exclusive tracks and join Gabe on this musical journey.

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Gabe coproduced and cowrote three songs on the current New Kids On the Block album "10."  The album debuted at #6 on the Billboard Chart and #4 on iTuness.  Gabe worked with pals Brent Paschke, Drew Ryan Scott and Joey McIntyre on the songs "Now Or Never" and "Back to Life."  Donnie Wahlberg joined the fun on "Block Party." 

Check out the album here.

Gabe produced and cowrote Belinda Carlisle's brand new single "Sun"  which is on BBC Radio 2‘s Top 40!  The upbeat pop-rock song was written with Belinda and her Go-Go's bandmate Jane Wiedlin.  All three sing backup.  Gabe's longtime drummer Norm Antonini added his drumming spice.  Ian Masterson mixed and did additional production. 

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